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Our accurate personal color analysis test is fun and easy to do.

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& Skin Tone Etc.

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  • Color analysis is not just for the ladies, it is for the guys too.
  • Though men get different color results.
  • It is scientific, based on the color wheel.
  • Even cars look better in well matched colors.
  • Men want to look more attractive too.
  • Why waste money on clothes that make you look bad?

Wearing The Right Colors Means..

You Look Great

  • You look younger.
  • You look slimmer
  • You look healthier.
  • Your eyes will sparkle & shine.
  • The colors will harmonize with your skin tone.
  • You will get renewed excitement & confidence.
  • Your skin will have a healthy, flawless glow.
  • You will need less product on your face.
  • You will find it easier to choose the right color make up and what color to dye your hair.
  • Your natural looks will be accentuated.
  • The old unnoticeable you will be replaced by a new model.

You Save Money

  • You don’t buy clothes you won’t wear.
  • You not having to take or send clothes back.
  • You will only invest in the items that look absolutely amazing on you.
  • You don’t have to guess any more.
  • You save time shopping as you can eliminate 75% of colours immediately.
  • You can peek into a store, see if it has your colors then move on.
  • All your clothes colors will go with each other as well as you – less clothes but more outfit choices.
  • You save as a personal colour consultation elsewhere would charge in the region of $120.
  • Your personal colors with us will last you a lifetime for $7.99.


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Potential Different Answers


Got an Android or Apple Smartphone?

Once you have your colors

Use our free app to swipe through your 20 colors

See the videos page for more details.

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A Little About us

The idea for the site came from a UK agency, Media Handling Ltd., who still operate it on a day to day basis.

The extensive color results were developed by our team of professional color experts, who painstakingly went through every possible variation of sets of answers, to give accurate results for every potential customer.

The programming of the formula to cover all the variations was a complex process too.

While based in the UK, the site offers it’s online color analysis service worldwide. We take payment in many different currencies.

While most of our customers are in the USA, we also have many orders from Australasia, Mexico & Europe.

We hope you will join them today.


Although our online color analysis is simple to use,

The formula & programming are very complicated.

It can give the correct answers to every possible set of choices.

Each picture click answer rates a score on three scales..

Cool to warm

Deep to light

& clear to muted.

A complex scoring & grading system then finds your 20 personal colors.

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